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Home improvements during summer

Summer time is the best time to do home repairs, construction or renovation, obviously because the rain would not interrupt and the chemicals will dry up faster compared to other seasons. What are the best restoration and beautifications to apply during the warm months?

  • Repainting – This is done not just to make the house brighter, livelier and more attractive. Painting your walls once in a while protects your walls and roofs from too much heat and water. Roof coating is to prevent rust and cracks made by switching weathers.
  • Re-roofing or roof replacement – of course, you cannot climb up a slippery roof during rainy days and nobody wants a wet ceiling when the roof is being repaired. In some houses, electrical wirings are on the ceiling so, it is very important to keep the ceiling safe and dry.
  • Concrete Patching or Plastering – cracked walls are not just unappealing to see, it is somehow scary specially the long ones. Take advantage of the dry weather when sealing the walls because the cement takes a few days before it dries up not like plaster which only needs hours but not as durable as the initial one.
  • Window Installation – The reason is not just it is safer and easier to install or replace the old windows but you might need a bigger one or add screens perfect for the hot season. This can cut your energy costs since you will not need an air conditioner or air cooler, your new windows will let you enjoy the natural fresh air.
  • Fence Re-staining and Gate Striping – protect the wood used on your fence and remove the rust from the steel. Repaint or varnish after getting rid of the corrosion and stains.
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How to Choose an Electrician

Choosing an electrician to maintain your wirings and lines is not an easy task. Electrical details are delicate and must be fixed or assembled by a trusted professional. The following attributes may help you find the most qualified electrician you need.

  • Must be licensed – A registered or licensed electrician definitely knows how to handle old and install new connections safely. They know their limitations and restrictions so, they will never do something that will endanger the lives of the customers.
  • Must be experienced – Newbies but licensed electricians can be trusted but it is better to hire someone who has a broad knowledge and experience. Those professionals who have tried different cases and households may give you a better service and can do maintenance easily.
  • Must be affordable or the rates must be reasonable – Electrical contractors have different rates maybe depending on their experiences or the type of work that you will assign to them. You can always haggle and talk about the pricing if you do not think it is fair enough. Remember, you can choose an affordable electrician but that it is not the only thing that you could consider when hiring one; sometimes you have to believe in ‘’you get what you pay for” and it is totally not cool.
  • Must be known and recommended – Some friends may introduce an electrical contractor or you may be familiar with his name because people talk about his good services most of the time. Ask everyone around you about a trusted electrician. It is important to listen to the feedback and recommendations of other people who have tried the electrician.

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Basics of Home Maintenance

Everyone wants to have their own house but not all of us know the responsibilities we have in maintaining a good and safe place to live in. whether you are renting or lucky to have your own space, you must be prepared emotionally, mentally, physically and financially in home maintenance and restoration.

Not all of us will experience remodeling or renovation however, keeping all parts of the house intact and functioning is another story. Remember, home is a place where we can feel safe and comfortable so, we must do something to keep our selves and families secured under the roof.


It is very important to check your electrical wirings and outlets once in a while. Do not experiment or do it on your own if you are not into electrical repair. You may call an electrician to test the working and non-working outlets and re-wire the lines if needed.


Pipes, drainages and tanks must be maintained too. As the house gets older the more we experience clogged bathroom drains, toilet bowls and sinks yet we can schedule regular check-up by a plumber. You can keep a household chemical to dissolve objects in your sink or have a plunger for temporary relief.


The roof is often ignored by homeowners until they experience leaking. We should not wait for our roofs to get rusty before we decide to repair it because it will definitely cost more. Roof inspection must be done regularly and if tiny holes are spotted, these must be sealed right away. In tropical countries, they practice to repaint the roof every year to maintain the sturdiness. If the inspector thinks that your roof is already weak and full of rust, then it is time to replace maybe a part or the whole roof. Roof keeps us safe and our basic defense from all harmful elements so we should invest and maintain the good quality rather than prepare for prevention.

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4 Tips to Pest-Proof your House

There are times that we cannot avoid but neglect our homes and let it be messy for a few days, yes, it is kind of acceptable but not to the point where pests start to invade your place. It is possible to maintain a hygienic and clear of pest kind of residence as long as you are dedicated to keep it habitable. You just have to keep a routine and comply with some rules and steps to achieve a pleasant abode. Here are some tips to follow in order to have a clean and pest-free house.

  • Avoid eating in the living room and bedrooms. The crumbs from the snacks will attract roaches, rodents and ants. If it is unavoidable, clean thoroughly afterwards. Sweep, vacuum, mop and spray anti-bacterial deodorizers in the area.
  • Dust off your couch, throw pillows, pillows and cushions regularly. You can also put these things under the sun for few hours to get rid of the bugs and dust mites. Vacuum these including the carpet (if you have one) at least twice a week.
  • If you have pets, make sure to keep them clean. Fleas and ticks from animals stay on cushions and carpets, for safety, use natural or organic flea home sprays. Shampoo your pets with mild anti-flea products or try doing home-made herbal mixtures to keep them healthy and your home pests free.
  • Once in a while, hire pest exterminators to keep your home safe and clean. Pest control services such as anti- termite and rodent chemicals will last up to 3-5 years depending on what substance they use. For roaches, bugs and parasites, you can simply buy multi-insect killer sprays from the store or use natural substances.
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