Red Wire LLC is a blog about home services, maintenance and repair. Our goal is to let all the homeowners know how to take good care of their houses. Unlike other blogs that focus on renovation and styling, our purpose is to help our readers learn how to keep their residence safe, clean and functional.

We simply blog about tips on how to prevent massive damages and some guidelines on how to maintain a rented or owned private space. Honestly, a lot of homeowners are not aware of the basic preservation services that they need to avail once in a while or even regularly. They tend to ignore most parts of the house until they notice a little problem such as a leaking roof.

Home maintenance should not be limited with the obvious details such as roofs and ceilings, we must consider the electrical, pipes, walls, septic tanks and drainages. We should not overlook these things just because some are not visible.

Red Wire LLC will give updates to our readers about effective ways on how to keep their abode secured and practical. We aim to help people of all ages and genders because we want them to be aware of the services and practices that every household should do.

We believe in the saying that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” because every destruction begins with a small part and becomes worse when neglected. If you do not take care of your shelter and do not restore simple damages, you have to prepare yourself for more stress and expenses.

Home is just like a human body, we need to take supplements and regular check-ups to protect ourselves from any harm and danger due to external factors. Let Red Wire give you insights about the proper home services.