Basics of Home Maintenance

Everyone wants to have their own house but not all of us know the responsibilities we have in maintaining a good and safe place to live in. whether you are renting or lucky to have your own space, you must be prepared emotionally, mentally, physically and financially in home maintenance and restoration.

Not all of us will experience remodeling or renovation however, keeping all parts of the house intact and functioning is another story. Remember, home is a place where we can feel safe and comfortable so, we must do something to keep our selves and families secured under the roof.


It is very important to check your electrical wirings and outlets once in a while. Do not experiment or do it on your own if you are not into electrical repair. You may call an electrician to test the working and non-working outlets and re-wire the lines if needed.


Pipes, drainages and tanks must be maintained too. As the house gets older the more we experience clogged bathroom drains, toilet bowls and sinks yet we can schedule regular check-up by a plumber. You can keep a household chemical to dissolve objects in your sink or have a plunger for temporary relief.


The roof is often ignored by homeowners until they experience leaking. We should not wait for our roofs to get rusty before we decide to repair it because it will definitely cost more. Roof inspection must be done regularly and if tiny holes are spotted, these must be sealed right away. In tropical countries, they practice to repaint the roof every year to maintain the sturdiness. If the inspector thinks that your roof is already weak and full of rust, then it is time to replace maybe a part or the whole roof. Roof keeps us safe and our basic defense from all harmful elements so we should invest and maintain the good quality rather than prepare for prevention.