Victorian Bathroom Design

Victorian Bathroom Desin Ideas

For most Americans, a typical bathroom is having a shower cubicle, a mirror and a sink, and a toilet, nothing else. It may seem faded at first, but the Americans come from the European design spirit that gives a royal touch to their business activities. The design of the Victorian bathroom is a union between the old and the new world.

With the sinks, most designers have the opportunity to take advantage of the available space while allowing full use of small lacquered wood shelves and drawers carved into intricate patterns and patterns. The counter is mainly used by men and women to place various items such as a shaving kit, perfumes and powders for the ladies, not to mention a large mirror to make sure they do it correctly. The same is applied today, now with an ergonomic way with most cabinets and shelves to create a modern look.

Although the use of the tiles was unknown at the time, they use marbles and floor mats to prevent people from slipping, discovering that marble and water simply do not combine well for the health of that person. This also applies to wall coverings, and that time, they use wallpaper. In order to create a more royal look, intricate patterned tiles and wood paneling create a more Victorian, though vaguely named wall.

The bins can be of different shapes, designs and materials depending on the location. But most of the bins found can be carved marble and brass. Most bathtubs have a showerhead, providing the user with access to a shower area inside the tub with a curtain to keep things private. Before plastics, brass curtain rings and velvet were used, always with ambient light coming from a small window above the head. And with the introduction

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